Twigs is your personal dictionary and book reader.

Each word changes its color gradually when you learn its definitions.

Twigs Ripe 06 Twigs Definition 10

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There are 6 steps to reach the guru level: red-yellow-green-blue-purple-brown. And pink if you submerge uder zero.

Red color means that you should revise the word daily. Yellow - every other day. Blue - every three days and the rarer the higher your level accordingly.

You move forward passing the test.

Twigs Test 11

The more definitions you learn, the more scores you get, the faster your word changes color. However, if you make mistakes the program can level you down.

Twigs Book 14

Add new word from an auto scrollable book or directly. Twig English.


tap to pronounce words

double tap to delete a word

tap to pronounce the word definition
or tap and hold to record yourself

double tap to exclude the definition from the test
or tap with two fingers to exclude every but this one

tap to pronounce the word

slide to the left to open the dictionary

tap and hold to change the page

slide to the right to open the dictionary

slide up with two fingers to accelerate the auto-scroll