How to use.


Please use landscape mode.

Twigs has five general views:

library, dictionary, definition, test, book/subtitles.

and three general dictionaries:

Ripe, Wrong, All.

Library view:

Here are the collections of books (ePub format), subtitles (srt format) and custom folders.

> to add a new book please use AirDrop, send an email or open in Safari.

> to delete or read about the book just double tap it.

> to open the book/subtitles/custom folder make a press.

Dictionary view:

Twigs is a tool for learning English. That’s why for every book you download a separate dictionary is automatically created. Here the words you were interested in and tapped while reading the related book are collected.

> to open a word definition please press it.

> to delete a word make a double tap.

> to listen to all words in the dictionary tap the title.

> to close the dictionary view pinch the screen.

Definition view:

Every time when you touch the word Twigs compares all its definitions and adds to the test the definition with the lowest score.
Bold font indicates which definition is currently in the test.

> to exclude a definition from the test make a double tap.

> to focus only on one definition make one tap with two fingers.

> to listen to the word’s pronunciation tap the word definition of which you are reading now.

> to record your voice tap and hold the word definition of which you are reading now.

> to close words definition view pinch the screen.

Test view:

If you want to change a word`s color you have to pass the test. There are 6 levels:
- red color from 0 to 10 points
- yellow color from 11 to 20 points
- green color from 21 to 30 points
- blue color from 31 to 40 points
- purple color from 41 to 50 points
- brown color from 51 points
- pink color under 0 points
At first all definitions start from 0 score. A correct answer adds one point to the word`s definition.
When a definition reaches 11 points, the word will change its color from red to yellow.

Book view:

> to accelerate the auto scroll swipe up with two fingers.

> to stop the auto scroll swipe down with two fingers.

Ripe dictionary:

This is a smart dictionary. It collects words depending on their colors for your review. For example, if you touch some words with red color and some words with yellow color today, then tomorrow you will find in Ripe only red words and after tomorrow only yellow words.
Because the Red color means that you should revise the word daily. Yellow - every other day. Blue - every three days and the rarer the higher your level accordingly.

Wrong dictionary:

This is a temporary dictionary. It collects the words in which you made a mistake while doing the test. And a word will be removed when you touch it.

All dictionary:

Here all words are just sorted chronologically.